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What were you created to do?

Love My People

            An entire day of flights, a dozen hours spent in airports, four hours lost without contact in Rwanda, and three hours bouncing in the back of a van landed me in the heart of Kabale, Uganda’s most south-western district. To say that I fell in love immediately would be an understatement. Lush, green hills […]

The Victory Won

Early last month, after my freshman year classes had ended and my dorm room was packed for the summer, my dad and I made the long trek from Azusa, California to Littleton, Colorado. Over the course of the fourteen hour drive, he and I had plenty of time to think and talk. While driving through […]

Created To Do

About 25 years ago, I met regularly with two gentlemen from my church.  Dean and Dave were a little older than me both in age and in spiritual maturity.  They used a new believer bible study to mentor and disciple me while strengthening the foundation of their own faith. Part of the study included bible verse memorization.  My […]

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